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In simpler terms, immediately after the Moon forms the last Major Aspect to another planet from the sign that the Moon is transiting, until the Moon moves into the next sign, the Moon is considered to be Void of Course. What is a Major Aspect? If we think of the universe in terms of a huge circle surrounding Earth, we can begin to think of slicing that circle up into sections. The aspects are merely angles formed within the degree circle. A 90 degree angle is referred to as the Square Aspect.

Other Major Aspects in Ptolemy are: conjunction, 0 degree; sextile, 60 degrees; trine, degrees; and opposition, degrees.

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There are many other degrees used in Astrology. In this case, for these VoC tables, only the major aspects will be used to determine the beginning of the Void of Course event. Yes, it can occur on rare occasions. When the Moon transits through an entire sign, without forming any major aspect, Julius Firmicus Maternus deemed that type of Moon's transit to be a Void Moon throughout the entire transit.

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On occasion, a guest will ask for opinions about other Astrologers who use different definitions for the Void of Course Moon. Some astrologers include the minor aspects along side the major aspects, thereby shortening the length of time that the moon is Void of Course. Some astrologers will ignore the Moon's transiting aspect patterns altogether, and use specific degrees within each sign as being the point in which the Void of Course Moon will begin and end. This may work for them based on their interpretation. What some people consider to be the VoC Moon may be more closely associated with the Anaretic Degree of the sign.

The Anaretic Degree is the last active degree of any sign; aka 29th degree.

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This is, at most, all that will be said in reference to other astrologers' Void of Course Moon delineations. The Void of Course VoC is similar to a short respite or a reprieve of emotions before the Moon journeys into the next astrological sign. The Moon rules over our feelings, emotions, nurturing feminine side yes, even men have a nurturing feminine influence , as well as our childhood memories and family matters. Depending on which sign the Moon transits, that sign's energies will be blended into, or at the very least, awash over our natural Moon Sign's tendencies.

This is one reason why our emotions and moods always seem to be in a state of flux, internally.

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When the Moon begins into a Void of Course period, these areas of our life seem to hit a disconnect. We encounter a short period of emotional confusion, mood fatigue, or even simply feel emotionally and physically rundown. We may not be able to rely on our usual "gut" decision-making. It is not advisable to initiate new concepts during the VoC Moon.

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Duck and cover if necessary. In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye! Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius since May16th creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28 th August. This is the ancient law.

Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial.

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Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met.

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Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication. Roar like the Leo lion if you want to alienate; but dialogue and listening and taking others feelings, thoughts and plans into consideration will avoid admiration turning into contempt. Aquarius is a future-orientated sign; and this Aquarian Full Moon Red Eclipse next to Scarlet Mars will no doubt prove to be memorable moment to carry well into the Equinox.

Remember to set the innovative Aquarian altruistic intention, aware that during an eclipse all kinds of energies swirl in and out of the nodal vortex, as Sun, Moon and Earth will align for Earth to block out the light of the Sun. Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television.

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